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Old radio guy? Heck, I’m an old TV guy too! That’s right, I’ve been blessed to enjoy work in both broadcasting mediums. Now, thanks to the help of a working voice-over coach, I’ve learned the finer aspects of speaking with emotion through acting, and that means your project will benefit from the best of my vocal expression.

Since 2012 I’ve limited myself to working for one client who produces a national religious TV show. Now, I’m expanding into other voice-over niches.

Russ Wayne Voice Overs

Russ Wayne


If it turns out to be half as much fun as the past three decades have been, I’ll probably keep “hangin’ round the mic,” minus the suit and tie of course.

One more thing. I’ve also worked in print journalism so I’m able to fine-tune a script or even write a new one from scratch. Rates negotiable depending on project size.

“Russ makes our spots and promos sound great!”

Roscoe Tooter

Audio/Video Editor, Berg Productions